Teddy Bear Poems

Linda Katzopoulos

A Collector's Bear

I'm a very special Collector's bear..
So handle me with extra care!
I need someone who knows to treasure
me more than money can ever measure..
Someone who's learned that life is love
Someone who watches stars above!
A person who stops to smell the flowers..
A person who walks in April showers.
For I have so much love to share
that I'll go with you anywhere!

Swap Bear Magic

A dreary, rainey day...
and mud, and cold, damp air
a bit of a sore throat
hangs on... it is still there!

A large power bill to pay,
and dishes everywhere
the grocery list I wrote...
the house in disrepair!

This lousey life of mine
filled me with such despair..
'til at my box, I found
that my swap bear is there!

A big ray of sunshine
from Singapore has smiled!
This little "hug" of mine
bearing gifts, has beguiled!

Gone are the sad "ruins"!
Gone the dreary day!
A golden mohair bruin
has lovingly come my way!

Such magic, it really is!
I can't explain at all!
From depression to bliss!
And this, by one so small!


Jutta Cyr

The Convention

Twas the night before the Convention, and all thru the house
The fur was flying
And so was the Spouse!

The bears were all stacked by the front door with care
In hopes that I would remember
To get them there!

The hug was asleep, all snug in their beds,
While honey jars and cookies
Played tag in their heads.

I, in my fuzzy housecoat (Dan was already in bed)
Was trying to figure out
What to do with this head!

When inside the workroom there arose such a clatter
I ran like a demon
To see what was the matter.

I tore open the door and turned on the light
Fully expecting to see a burglar
Who comes in the night.

To my astonishment and a surprise so complete
I saw little William
Doing an amazing feat!

He had gathered the bears, gave them needle and thread
And threatened them severely
With an old crust of bread.

He waved it this way and then back
Giving poor Abearnathy
A mighty big whack.

"We need more bears" I could hear him yell
And what on earth
Was that awful smell?

The glue gun was on and steaming like mad
I couldn't get angry
They weren't really bad.

I thanked them and hugged them, they were such dears
Trying to help Mom
Overcome her fears.

"It's alright", I told them - I have enough bears
Now back to your beds
Without any cares.

The convention dawned bright and very cheery
Leaving the hug
Sure made me feel teary.

Such love and devotion from such tiny paws
I think it deserves
A round of applause!

Old Bear

Here I sit, just a bit forlorn.
My body sags and I'm a tad worn
If you listen you can hear my sad sighs
But the merry twinkle is still in my eyes.

I was once a much loved favorite toy,
Belonging to a sweet little boy.
But he left and went away
I haven't seen him for many a day.

I have been alone so very long
Won't you please take me home? Sing me a song!
Play games with me! Take me out to play!
Oh YES! We can be so merry and gay.

Eventhough I'm not brand new
I have tons of love just for you!
There are so many things that we can share
Because I will be YOUR Teddy Bear!




Bearthday Paws

He sits in his rocker
And waits to be seen
"She hugged me just yesterday -
What could this mean?

Will there be a new teddy
To sit in this chair?
Or perhaps on the sofa
Just over there?

It's my bearson's birthday,
I heard someone say.
So chances are good
That a bear's on its way.

Will my bearson forget me,
Or hug me and say
'You're my most favorite bear!'
Like she did yesterday?"


Patricia R. Byther

A Gift For You

Friends and family can not always be near,
that's why I'm sending this teddy bear.
Hold him, love him and hug him tight,
And he will be there day and night.
He can not replace the love you hold dear,
But he's a reminder that their love's always there.
There is one thing more that he likes to do,
That's to remind you, that God loves you too.


Sharon Tholinson

The Joy of Making Teddy Bears

When the fur finally arrives I look and see
And think to myself what kind of bear will this be
Will I use the mohair or alpaca so bold
What colour will I select, brown, beige or old gold
A limited edition or one of a kind
If only I could decide and make up my mind
Will I make it big or will I make it quite small
I could make it fat, or thin, or just rather tall
Will I use my black antique shoe buttons for eyes
Or just stick to black glass and hope for a surprise
How about the paws, will I use wool felt or suede
I really don't know yet and I'm rather afraid
To start drawing and cutting for once I begin
There is no turning back so I'll just dig right in
When the fur starts to fly and each tiny wee piece
Begins to take shape then I feel such a release
And think to myself no more tension or worry
As this sweet little bear so cuddly and furry
Is making me smile with every stitch that I sew
As his sweet face takes on shape I just start to glow
There is nothing more splendid that can so endice
One to create something so innocent and nice
You can tell by my poem, I love making my bears
You've discovered my secret for ending life's fears


Author Unknown

A Date With Teddy

My bear and I went out last night
it was our final date. I had to say farewell to him
"Cause time just would not wait."

My mother said the day had come
to pack my toys away.
I guess that I was all grown up
and they were in the way.

My bear had always been so neat
the toy I liked the best.
I never thought that I'd be asked
to put my bear to rest.

But as we all begin to grow
some things don't go our way
and many times we feel sad
so sad that we can't play.

That's how I felt when mom announced
that time was passing by
so I asked teddy for a date
I'm sure he wondered why.

We took a walk around the block
and ate two candy bars
then sat out on the big porch swing
and looked up at the stars.

I had to have a talk with him
as private as could be
there were so many things to say
between just him and me.

I thanked him for his many hugs
and his great listening ears
for all the nights he kept me warm
and helped remove my fears.

He always had such smiling eyes
so precious and so dear
but this time as I reached for him
I thought I saw a tear.

Could I have touched his little heart
and caused my bear to cry
with feelings so emotional
I thought I hear him sigh.

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief
then recognized that he was fine.
The tear had fallen from my cheek
it wasn't his, but mine.

My brother looked at me and stared
he didn't understand,
my bear was not an old stuffed toy
he was my dearest friend.

I wrapped him in a tiny cloth
and hugged him oh so tight
then packed him in an old shoebox
and gently said, "Goodnight."

My father took my special box
and placed it in a trunk
then hauled it to the attic room
with all our other junk.

So many thoughts came to my mind
as I hopped into bed
first came glorious memories
then worry filled my head.

I hope he doesn't mind the dark,
the dampness or the cold,
his body seemed so weak and frail
it's worn and rather old.

But this was just a teddy bear
how could you feel this way
if made me think of grandma's words
"All things must pass away."

I felt a sense of lonliness
and kind of insecure.
My bear had brought me hours of joy
so innocent and pure.

To give him up was very sad
and seemed a bit unfair,
yet that's the way life had us part
my friend, my love, my bear.

I hope that he'll remember me
when I am old and gray
'cause I may need him once again
to help me through the day

All poems © by individual authors
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